Young Driver Insurance

Young Driver Insurance

Young drivers, those aged 17, 18, 19 or 20, whether they have passed their driving test or are still driving on a provisional driving licence, today face some fairly steep quotes for young driver car insurance. At any age under 21, from a 17-year old learner driver to a relatively more experienced 21-year old who might have earned a few years no claims bonus, young drivers car insurance quotes are amongst the highest premiums paid by any drivers.

Why is young driver car insurance so expensive?

The reasons for these expensive quotes and high premiums are mostly down to the lack of driving experience that a young driver has and particularly those aged under 21. Insurance companies rely heavily on the risks associated with a particular driver, including their age, experience, type of car and so on.

For young drivers however, the lack of previous driving experience is reflected in the statistical likelihood that an 18-year old driver who has just passed his or her test is more likely than not to make a claim within their first year's insurance policy. So when it comes to offering a quote for any young driver, insurance companies need to factor in to the premium the probable cost of any claims made.

A further consideration for insurers is that young drivers have a long and hopefully healthy life ahead of them. So in the event of a claim for personal injury to a young driver that arises from a collision, the insurer is likely to have to pay out a considerable sum to cover the costs of any long-term disability or care for someone injured as a result of a collision. For a 19-year old, these payments would be much higher and over a much longer period than for someone who was older.

When all of these factors are taken into account, it is perhaps more understandable why young drivers are expected to pay so much for their car insurance premiums - the potential cost to an insurer, all things considered, is far higher than for a driver who is older and who has that much more driving experience. The Quote Engine can steer young drivers towards specialist insurance brokers and insurers who will enable them to compare cheaper quotes for young driver car insurance.