Imported Car Insurance

Imported Car Insurance

'Grey import', 'parallel import', 'personal import' - these are all similar terms for the process of importing (usually) a car directly into the UK from abroad either by yourself or through a car import agent, who arranges the transportation of the car from its original country to the UK and also handles the DVLA registration of the imported car and the paperwork associated with bringing a car into the UK from overseas.

As the owner of the newly-imported car, all you need to worry about is arranging insurance for your grey import - which can be a challenge.

Insuring an imported car is not always straightforward, even if the car appears to have been made to the same specification as those of the same make and model on sale in the UK. Slight variations between different countries' versions of the same model means that from an insurance point of view, your imported car is a bit of an unknown quantity. These variations might seem insignificant to the owner of the imported vehicle, but when it comes to either repairing or replacing the car after an accident or theft, the country of origin of your imported car can make a considerable difference to the insurer who has to arrange for parts to be sourced, perhaps from overseas, and also the possibility that the car might not meet the same safety requirements as one manufactured in or for the UK market.

For imported cars that have no similar make or model on sale in the UK the problems are much more difficult to solve - finding parts for a vehicle that has been imported from abroad and where there is no UK-based manufacturer might require the repairer to use unconventional methods to get the car back on the road. These difficulties add to the time and the cost of repairing an imported car, which perhaps explains why some insurance companies are reluctant to offer standard terms, or any terms, for a grey import.

Fortunately there are insurers who will offer quotes for imported car insurance and The Quote Engine can direct you to insurance brokers who understand the insurance requirements of these imported vehicles and who can assist you to compare quotes for imported car insurance.