Non-Standard Insurance

Non-Standard Insurance gives you access to specialist insurers, insurance brokers and underwriters' websites enabling you to get quotations for your car, home and business insurance requirements quickly and simply. Non-Standard Insurance is different because we have relationships with specialists in a wide range of insurance products, which includes non-standard and high-risk car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, van insurance and bike insurance.

Non-Standard Insurance is not an insurance broker and we therefore do not provide professional insurance or financial advice.  As a result if you have specialist insurance requirements and you need an expert to help you, we will point you in the right direction for the best advice. This is from FCA-regulated insurance brokers, insurance companies and financial advisers, therefore allowing you to compare online insurance quotes.

Our Aim

We believe that it's too difficult to try and find competitive quotes and cover for insurance that's a little bit different. So we came up with the idea of getting all the best specialist insurers under one roof to give you the best chance of finding the right cover for you. We have carefully selected the most appropriate insurer to each non-standard insurance category who we believe will give you the best quote. What we really like about specialist insurers is that they often give a higher level of cover. For example if you have a modified car then in the event of an accident you want like-for-like cover on your modifications. A lot of mainstream insurers don't offer this service - we think that's pretty outside the box!